Do what you believe will make your heart sing and whole being shine

Finding your path in life can be so overwhelming. Sometimes it seems as if society’s aim is to keep as many people out as possible. For those who have suffered illness, addiction or a non labelled inability to get on the fast track to that place called success – trying to get back on it is like jumping aboard a fast moving train.

What my heart knows is that this is an illusion, that there is a place for each and every soul here on earth. We each carry our unique light which we can offer the world. Each light enriches the lives of others.

The place that allows us to shine the brightest is where our hearts sing at the thought of being there. Where can we be the strongest and best version of ourselves? What does that look like? Feel like? We can bring you and light no matter what line of work we are in. Language teacher, fast food cashier, dancer or CEO. What makes your heart sing?



Finding your purpose in life

It’s natural to want to solve such a question with one’s mind. Yet unless the mind has a clear answer, you must ask your heart. The mind might not like the heart’s answer. As I ask my heart now, what is my purpose, the answer is love. My mind would like to hear an answer in the form of a profession. But my heart says, forgive. Love, forgive, believe, hope, rejoice.

For a more specific answer, you may enjoy the teachings of Massaro; If it excites you, it is meant for you.

On the surface

In a world so focused on the outside, it’s hard to get a good focus on the inside. To feel your heart wisdom and truly listen to the loving messages it whispers. Comparison usually does only one thing – it keeps your mind busy with things that aren’t important. Of course the outside also matters. I don’t prescribe to the belief we should completely abandon our ego’s or outer identities and become meditating monks. We have bodies and minds as well as souls. The problem is that so often we disconnect from our wholeness. We doubt our worth and lose sight of the inalienable truth that our worth is infinite and untouchable. Losing weight or gaining knowledge doesn’t make us more valuable. Our value cannot be changed. Our value is based in our being part of this life’s wonder, this mystery called life on earth. The magic of being aware. Of breathing air into our lungs at this moment in time, right now. Our beautiful capacity to empty ourselves of fear and anger and fill our inner vessel with gratitude and sincerity.

How to quiet the mind and feel your heart in a few short breaths

One of the most refreshing things I do over the course of the day is to take a moment where I try not to engage in any thoughts but do some breathing work instead. I focus all of my mental awareness on feeling each breath fill my chest and stomach. The first step is to make the breathing deeper, filling myself with more air than comes naturally. The next step is to start pushing out any remaining air after I have breathed most of it out, sucking in my chest, clenching my jaw and fists together as I imagine I am expulsing all anger and fear from my body.  I do this a few times to release the energy and then the last step is I start focusing on the in-breath, where I imagine I breathe in light. A beautiful stream of compassion, love and peace. This last step needs to be repeated for a few minutes as it takes a bit of time to recover from releasing the frustration, anger and fear filled energy.

You could call this mediation work. Whatever it is, it feels very refreshing and cleansing to me.

To the beautiful soul that suffers

My heart goes out to you. I wish I could take your pain away. I wish I could reach out through the screen you are looking at and sit with you while you share your story, for there is no greater honour than to be there in loving connection when another soul opens up and releases a heavy burden.

To all those who are suffering from the evil inflicted on them by other people, to all those that have suffered at the hands of others, I offer you my love. It can be so hard not to grow bitter and cynical. To adopt a cold hard view of the world and the people in it. I used to believe people were either good or bad. I used to believe I must be defective for people to have chosen to hurt me.  In my pain I knew no other way to deal with life than to seek relief through gaining acceptance and seeking pleasure through self serving and often unhealthy ways. I hurt people and I hurt myself. But my attitude was precisely the kind that breeds more pain. Like a never-ending echo of pain rippling through people’s lives.

Allowing ourselves the luxury of hate, fear and contempt only helps grow the evil in this world.

When I see someone doing the same that I did, I can see that people judge these hurting souls. If they only cared to understand why they do what they do, I believe they would have compassion instead of judgement. Pain and anger are like infectious diseases spreading from one person to another. We all have our own path and some will live their whole lives never resolving their traumas. Never releasing their shame and disconnection.

For me, I have been fortunate enough that my path lead away from pain, anger and cynicism. Away from the powerful and terrible forces of shame and fear, the building blocks of loneliness and self-abuse.

If you who are reading this have struggled with these things, I want you to know that these difficulties are not life-sentences. You too can start on a different path. There are so many ways to heal and recover that I guarantee you, if you open yourself up to letting the light in, to try and learn a new way to see life, you will be astonished at how much can change. Also for you.

I invite you to start your beautiful journey away from the darkness. I invite you to go on an inward path towards a life where you know and feel in your heart that you are now safe. That you know you are enough just the way you are – that you are valuable beyond compare and magical adventures await you if you just let them happen.

Reconnect with the love and wisdom inside your soul


Find your way

Love soul journey 

When you are born it is your soul that comes in to a body. A soul that is the watcher, the listener that hears the thoughts in your head. That is never hurt, cannot be wounded.

As you grow up in this world, you can lose the awareness of your deep soul wisdom. You can get so caught up in your mind, your personality, your pain – that you cannot even feel the love in your heart.

Have compassion for your personality that struggles. For your wounded inner child. With compassion and love, you can heal the inevitable pain that you experience through your journey on earth.

There are guides who want to help you reconnect with the wisdom of your soul and the love in your heart, but although they can guide you and hold space for your pain, the ability to feel your soul is yours. You can do it. You can heal. You just have to choose it, to want it, and find a way to do it.

What is the purpose of romantic relationships?

What are relationships for?

What are relationships for?

We all know how romantic relationships are the source of our greatest joy but they are simultaneously one of our greatest sources of pain. But what is their purpose?

What seems to be taught in Western culture is that romantic relationships are to serve you. They should make you happier and provide you with safety, value and excitement.

But prescribing to this view can make a person never feel content for a longer time. Most people will fall short of these expectations at one point or another due to the imperfect nature of being human.

What if the true purpose of romantic relationships is to help us grow –  by triggering our greatest wounds?

Through pain we often grow the most.