Welcome to the Loving Practice

The Loving Practice counsels expats who are struggling with their relationships or mental health, often as a result of moving to their new country.

Most of us are initially excited at the prospect of moving to a new place, full of promise and exotic experiences. But too often the excitement of arriving in a new place dwindles as the reality of the new place proves to be quite frustrating or difficult.

After all, it takes time to assimilate to a new culture, make friends, learn the ins and outs and get a good footing in a new society.

Lacking supportive relationships or having them strained due to distance or being in new surroundings can have an immense impact on people’s happiness and mental health. For those with pre-existing mental health struggles, moving to a new country can exacerbate them to new levels.

Whether or not you came to your host country as a single individual or with a partner/family, being in a new culture, often times a new job, or being a trailing spouse without employment can be immensely difficult.

Relationships are hard but for expats, they are often even harder. Dating in a new country with a new culture presents unique challenges. Being away from family and friends is one stressor. Trying to make new friends or meeting a partner in a foreign country is another. Maintaining a preexisting relationships while far from your community can be a huge challenge. Perhaps you miss your community back home. Parents are ageing and you can’t be there for them. Or you are taking care of young children without the support from an extended family.

Whatever you are dealing with as an expat, you are not alone! And you most definitely do not have to find your way alone.

The Loving Practice is here to support you!