About me

My name is Lora and I am a therapist / social worker / life coach and the owner of the Loving Practice. I am also a salsa dancer, mother, dog owner, sister, partner, daughter and friend – not necessarily in that order.

My passion is working with my clients towards happier lives and healthier relationships. I believe we all have the potential to thrive but some of us first need to work through old wounds and unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns to reach this true potential.

I know how transformative therapy can be and have witnessed lives change for the better due to the support and guidance another human being can offer.

For the past 15 years I have been actively studying mental health and working towards my own personal growth as well as others. I have over 10 years of working experience supporting people in various roles with their struggles with integrating into a new culture, dealing with isolation, difficult social situations, mental illnesses, caring for ill family members, setting boundaries in relationships and various mental health challenges.

As an expat I have personal experience with the many challenges that come with moving to a new country. Currently living in Tbilisi Georgia, I am originally from Iceland. I was raised in a dual-culture family with my mother being an American trailing spouse to my Icelandic father and I am myself part of a multi-cultural partnership having started a family with my German partner.

Living the expat life can be amazing, hard, messy and enfuriating. Having a multi cultural relationship too. There aren’t many who don’t doubt their choice while going through some particularly hard times. This definitely isn’t the right lifestyle for everyone! But for some they just need the right support to make living abroad everything they dreamed of at the start.